The 15 Secrets About Private Medical Insurance London Only A Handful Of People Know


You may determine that the right course of action for you is to take out health insurance or supplement your public healthcare with private medical insurance plans. However, how does private medical insurance London work?


Usually, the UK residents get private health insurance, and life covers in London as part of their employee benefits package. In case it is not offered, you can afford it yourself. You can think of buying affordable private health insurance as it will allow you to decide the intensity of the care you get, and how, when and where it is given.


As a common standard, private hospitals and specialist clinics have much shorter waiting lists and better infrastructure compared to NHS, though costs can be remarkably higher.

15 Quick Facts About Private Health Insurance Plans


  1. About 13% of UK consumers have some level of affordable private health insurance.
  2. Almost all private healthcare policies exclude maternity services, emergency care, mental health, and general treatment.
  3. In the UK the insurance providers usually base their premiums on the claims made by certain groups of people, from a particular place of residency and age.
  4. While the NHS provides cover for accidents and medical emergencies, private health insurance plans do not provide cover for the same.
  5. The cheapest private health insurance policies cover the treatment of acute medical conditions, which are likely to respond quickly to treatment.
  6. Chronic conditions are not usually covered. But if you buy private health insurance with “add-ons,” you might get a small contribution to treat a chronic condition. A chronic condition can be specified as –
  • conditions that have no known cure
  • conditions that reoccur
  • a condition that requires long term monitoring
  • conditions that need on-going preventive treatment
  1. Even if you opt for in-patient treatment in an NHS, you are eligible to get health coverage under your private medical insurance. You can also reimburse from your insurance provider.
  2. You must be a UK citizen for the stipulated time defined by the provider to qualify for private medical insurance London.
  3. Communicating with your provider is vital. To avoid any claim shortfalls or a decline of claims you should pre-authorise any treatment.
  4. If you are a member of a company scheme, you must be employed in the company. Your private health insurance provider can request proof of employment at any time during the policy year(s).
  5. Usually, the treatment for alcohol/ drug/ substance abuse and any medical conditions relating to these, are not included in the cover.
  6. The parents with a young child could be eligible for a “Baby bonus” cash amount from the insurer. It would be payable once per child and could be up to £150.
  7. Many insurers offer a discounted premium if you buy private health insurance and pay for the policy by annual direct debit.
  8. There are two main types of private health insurance:
  • Moratorium: eliminates most pre-existing chronic conditions that you may have suffered from in the past five years or more
  • Full Medical Underwriting: though it excludes any chronic conditions initially, after two years on the policy, the insurer may offer thorough coverage
  1. The final price you will end up paying for your private medical insurance London depends on various factors. But we can give you a rough idea of the average price. Typically, the premium for even the cheapest private health insurance is approximately 1,450 GBP per year.

How to Get Health Insurance in the UK?

Have you got a clearer idea of your health and life cover London  needs? Now, you can check and compare various healthcare plans online. It will help you make an informed decision based on your distinct needs.


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